What is TMT test for heart? What does a TMT test determine?

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A TMT test or a treadmill test is a test performed on a treadmill to determine the functioning efficiency of the heart. It can be used to screen for potential coronary artery disease, or if you have other risk factors related to heart disease.

The stress test is ideal for the individuals that are at a higher risk factor of developing a heart condition. A treadmill test TMT can also be used for annual screenings for overall health testing. The treadmill test is also used to check if your heart is healthy enough prior to surgery.

When asking yourself what is TMT test for heart, after a doctor recommends one, you should book it from a reliable platform such as MyDiagnostics.

When is a TMT test recommended?

To check for coronary disease

The TMT test helps in determining the risk of coronary artery disease and blockages that can be present in the heart.


The TMT test technician will be tracking your heart through an ECG, which can check for irregular heart beating patterns.

Part of annual examination

A TMT test may be recommended as a part of an annual examination, especially as you age.

Symptoms determination

If you are experiencing chest pain, difficulty breathing, and heart palpitations, then getting a complete TMT test can be helpful.

Prior to surgery

A TMT test may be recommended before someone goes into surgery to ensure that the heart is functioning normally. 

What are the symptoms of heart issues?

You should be mindful of the following major

Irregular heart beat

If you get the sensation of an irregular heartbeat, then getting a TMT test done is key.

Sudden palpitations

You may find that you are experiencing sudden palpitations in the heart, which can worsen throughout the day.

Along with these symptoms, you may also feel numbness, tightness, and chronic pain, in your extremities and chest region.

How to prepare for TMT test for heart

You can follow these instructions when preparing for TMT test.

Fasting requirement

Fasting for at least 3-4 hours may be required prior to testing.

Consent attendant

You may need one person to be there with you to help you after the test.

Lose clothing

You need to wear lose clothing when testing.

Constant monitoring

Your vital stats such as blood pressure and heart rate will be consistently monitored.

Other requirements

There may be other requirements that the technician will assist you with. 

What is the process to book a TMT test for heart?

You can book the TMT test for your heart monitoring via MyDiagnostics. You can access the test by visiting our testing page for TMT test.

Can I use a TMT test to detect blockage?

Yes, doctors can use a TMT test to check for the risk of blockages.

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