Here's How to Stop Hair Fall Immediately For Women

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While there are several strategies to stop hair fall long-term, it is important to also check for the root causes of hair fall. When understanding how to stop hair fall immediately, it is vital to know why you are experiencing hair loss in the first place.

Your hair could also be going through different stages of hair growth and hair fall, or have been exposed to toxins that can cause hair loss. The hair growth rate may also be temporarily slowed down, which is when hair loss can be short-term.

It's important to know the true reason of hair loss, by studying the scalp, hair follicles, and via blood tests. You could have an underlying deficiency that can be causing hair fall in some cases. You can address this with treatment and medication.

Here are some of the main ways through which you can stop hair fall immediately.

Changes in dietary intake

Making the right changes in your diet can significantly impact hair loss. You can focus on the following aspects in the short term.

Medication for deficiencies

You can get a blood test done to uncover your core deficiencies, which could be causing hair fall. In many cases, there may be a deficiency in B vitamins, which are considered vital for hair growth.

Focusing on vitamins and minerals

You can improve your intake of biotin, vitamin B12, vitamin D, and vitamin A for healthy and rich hair growth. You can target specific minerals that are responsible for hair growth, such as zinc, iron, and selenium.

Increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables

With greater consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables, you're increasing your intake of high quality nutrients. You can focus on reducing unhealthy foods that you should avoid for your hair quality improvement.

Lifestyle modifications 

Reducing excessive drinking and smoking

By lowering your exposure to drinking and smoking, you can improve the quality of your hair. You can reduce the exposure to toxins and improve your organ performance by boosting your quality of life.

Focusing on sleep

Sleep can help the body repair damaged cells and boost follicular development. You can increase the chances of your hair growth occurring with the right sleep pattern.

Reducing exposure to toxins 

Eliminating toxins in the environment

You can test the water and the environment in your home and office spaces, to check for toxins. You may also be exposed to other toxins, or allergens that you may have an immune response to, with a blood test.

Limiting hair care product use

If you use conditioners, mousses, and other hair care products daily then reducing their use may also help in the short term. These may be harmful for the scalp and reduce the impact of the natural sebum that accumulates on the head.

Avoiding excessive gels and sprays

You can improve your hair health by lowering the use of gels, sprays, and other products. They may not be organic or all-natural, and may cause harm to your hair long-term. You can replace them with alternatives that are safer.

Reducing hair colouring exposure

Artificial colouring agents may be filled with unhealthy chemicals that can damage your hair over time. You can focus on reducing your exposure to the toxins introduced by hair colours, dyes, etc.

Medication to stop hair fall

You can take the right medication to stop hair fall on the guidance of your doctor.

Vitamin shots for hair fall

Your doctor can give you a B12 shot locally for hair growth. This can help in boosting hair growth directly on-site, while also covering a deficiency in your body.

Topical medication for hair

Minoxidil and other topical medication may be prescribed for hair fall by a dermatologist after analysing your scalp health. These medication may be effective within the 3-6 month range and can be used for localized hair growth.

Hair loss prevention treatment

You can opt for a complete hair loss prevention treatment, such as laser treatment, oral & topicals, corticosteroids, etc. These can help in boosting hair growth in the short term, while reducing the impact of hair fall.

Importance of getting tested

The importance of getting tested is paramount. You need to know your inner deficiencies, and risk factors, before starting any hair care treatment. You need the right insights on what areas you should focus on prior to starting medication.

You can also get to know whether toxins are involved in lowering the quality of your hair. Environmental factors can also be connected to short term hair fall in women. Additionally, hormones may also be a factor when analysing your hair loss issues.

How do I buy a hair fall test in India?

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What is the cost of hair fall test in India?

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