An IT professional battling through stress

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               I am a 36-year-old IT professional and like all working women juggling my work and family life is a daily task for me. Conforming to strict deadlines at work and taking care of responsibilities around the house like getting the kids ready for school, cooking, cleaning etc are all a part of my day to day activities. While managing all these tasks I hardly paid any attention to my health or diet. It was on one occasion when I was taking my kids to their extracurricular activity classes that I started seeing kaleidoscope-like stars in my vision. I started feeling tired and severe headaches. On resting for while I was back to normal and dismissed my symptoms as being tired due to my hectic schedule. But the tiredness continued to increase tremendously over the next few days. My family was worried about my declining health and wanted me to meet up with a doctor so as get myself checked. However, with little time to spare, I kept on delaying it.

              That's when my husband started searching for some online testing and consultation services for greater convenience. We discovered MyDiagnostics and contacted them. On explaining my symptoms they suggested that we go ahead with a comprehensive health check-up. The blood samples were collected on time and the reports arrived the very next day. The reports showed that I had high cholesterol levels. I was suffering from high blood pressure with levels as high as 210/120 as compared to the healthy levels of 120/80. MyDiagnostics then liaised me with one of their experienced medical practitioners. He explained to us the seriousness of my condition and how I need to control my blood pressure levels by maintaining a healthy diet, taking proper medications and finding different ways to reduce my stress levels along with regular exercise.

           Now I have woken up to the dangers of not paying attention to one's health and have started giving utmost importance my well being not only for the continued happiness of my family but also my own. 

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   Did you know that high blood pressure is a leading cause of stroke, a condition that is on the rise among younger people

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