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Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection that can affect anyone at any point. While there is no treatment available for dengue, it is important to treat the symptoms and get tested regularly for your blood count. You should also get the best dengue test price available, so that you're able to get tested in a cost-effective way for multiple people.

Dengue fever can be detected with the Dengue NS1 test in the laboratory. The dengue virus in the blood sample is detected through antibody testing as well. Doctors will also want to know what is the platelet count in the blood to determine hospitalization or home recovery for the patient. 

What exactly is dengue?

Dengue is a viral infection that can show flu-like signs for extended periods. It is a mosquito-borne infection that spreads through biting, and has 4 major strains that are associated with the dengue infection (DEN 1, DEN2, DEN3, and DEN4).

Risk factors associated with dengue

It's important to know the risk factors associated with dengue, so that you are protected from the infection long-term. These can help you protect yourself and your loved ones, while avoiding a potential dengue fever complication.

Living in a tropical environment

A tropical environment, such as in India, is a ripe area for mosquitos to proliferate. If you are living in a city that has a higher risk of mosquitos emerging, such as in Mumbai, Goa, Kolkata, etc. then you should be careful.

Visiting high mosquito dense zone

Areas within your city can have a higher risk of mosquitos emerging, especially if there is water logging, or areas where still water is collecting over time. Visiting them a few times can put you at risk of a mosquito bite.

Frequenting high density areas

If you regularly visit areas where there are higher numbers of mosquitoes, such as events, office spaces, shops, etc. then your risk factor rises as well. You should always wear mosquito repellent to protect yourself.

Previous case of dengue

Your symptoms may worsen if you get dengue for a second time, which is why it is a critical risk factor. You need to take greater precautions if you already have had dengue in the past and experienced the symptoms.

Can dengue spread from person to person?

It is not possible for dengue to spread from person to person, through air contact. You can only get dengue from the bite of a mosquito. If you are visiting a highly dense place with lots of mosquitos, then multiple people can get dengue at the same time. Mosquito bites are the only major way of transmission of the infection.

Symptoms of dengue

There are several symptoms associated with dengue, which is why it is important to recognize them when they arise. If you also suspect that you have been in an area with a higher mosquito density, then your risk factor rises as well.

Strong fever

A fever that is nearing 104 degrees F, can be dangerous and is one of the first signs of dengue. A strong fever coming on, along with known exposure to a mosquito-prone area, is a critical sign that shouldn't be ignored.


You can have rashes all over your body, as a reaction from the dengue virus. These rashes can worsen over a few days, and spread to other parts of the body as well.

Constant aches & pains

Joint and muscle pains can be a critical symptom that you should be careful of when dealing with dengue fever. These can create intensely painful experiences especially when you're trying to recover.

Strong headache

Strong headache like symptoms that are chronic and continuing shouldn't be ignored. You should take the right medication and get tested for dengue.

Stomach pain

Stomach pains can be painful in the case of dengue, which is why it is an important symptom. You should get a dengue test done when you are experiencing this sign of the virus.


Vomiting more than thrice in a day, along with traces of blood in the vomit, is an important sign of the virus. You should get a check-up done immediately if you suspect that you may have the virus.

Lack of energy

A sensation of low energy, followed by lethargy and weakness, can be important signs of dengue. You should get a complete dengue test done immediately.


Irritability that has extended for a few days, can be another symptom of dengue. It is a mild symptom that can affect mood, as the immune system is critically loaded with the infection.

Constantly ill

If you are feeling constantly ill, with a runny nose, sore throat, and fever, then you should get tested immediately. Cold and flu-like symptoms may be a critical sign that you have dengue, especially if you have been in high density areas.

How is dengue diagnosed?

A blood test is one of the best ways to diagnose the viral infection, especially if the individual is showing the classic signs. Fatigue, muscle weakness, strong fever, and lack of energy need to be tested with a dengue test, if the person has been in areas with higher mosquito density.

Antigen testing

A direct antigen or genetic signature test is recommended when trying to diagnose dengue in patients. The NS1 test, also know as the non-structural protein 1 test is performed using the ELISA method, along with a dengue PCR test. This is the best way to get a test for dengue and to know if you have the infection.

IgM and IgG antibody testing

IgM and IgG antibody testing through ELISA technique is also recommended to check for the body's immune response to the virus. This can also show doctors that the individual has the infection, so that they can prescribe the right medication immediately. The test is recommended if you have been experiencing symptoms for more than 5 days.

Platelet count

Along with the direct and indirect dengue testing, doctors also recommend to get a platelet count checked. This is because the platelet counts are a good indicator of whether you are dealing with the infection or not, if it dips below the normal range of 1.6 to 4 lac count. There may also be a decrease in white blood cell count as well.

While these tests can provide critical knowledge of whether you have dengue, you need to follow all precautions when you are recovering. You need to take the right medication prescribed by a doctor, and visit a hospital when your platelet count hits a critical limit. That's why it is recommended to get multiple tests done to be absolutely sure that you have dengue. 

Getting the best dengue test price

The best way to get the right dengue test price is to order one online. You can get your NS1 antigen test results delivered via email, making it a highly convenient way to get checked for dengue.

You can also check for the price of the test online, especially if you are booking multiple tests for people. You can schedule the tests as well as per your convenience, at your residence, so that you don't need to go outside and worsen your condition. 

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