What Is Scientific Wellness, And Why Should It Matter To Me?

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In the very early days of Human Fractal, this question popped up in almost every conversation we had with our stakeholders. 

“I have been following a fitness plan for a few years. Why should I switch now?” 

“I have never heard of scientific wellness before. How is it different from all the other wellness alternatives in the market?” 

And also the more dreaded, “Is this going to be too complicated for me to understand and follow?” 

Questions like these drove us to the conclusion that wellness, the one aspect of our lives that determines our happiness, is also the most ill-understood segment in today’s world. With a host of wellness options to choose from, some people swear by one method while others oppose it vehemently. Some believe and vouch by crash diets and extreme workouts while others consider it a blessing if they get time to take a walk. 

However, the one aspect that is missing in all of these regimens is focus on the self. Very rarely, if ever, do we think of how a certain plan can benefit us, when it hasn’t been designed keeping us in mind. We begin a plan or a diet that came highly recommended, never pausing to think of what impact that may have on us. We are unique in more ways than one, and our wellness plans can simply not be the same. That is the core of scientific wellness- focusing inwards first and make your health top priority. 

Global Health Standards agree that human health and wellness is divided into four states: 

  • Illness: In this state, you know that there is an underlying illness that is causing you great distress. Since you are feeling ill, you would not be able to think of anything other than getting better first. The focus is on treatment and management.
  • Dysfunction: A majority of us spend our lives in this state. There is no apparent illness bothering us, but our diet and lifestyle choices are quickly hurtling us towards a state of illness. Energy levels are low, organ systems cannot perform optimally, sleep quality is poor and exercise is not something we are ready to consider.
  • Wellness: The leap from dysfunction is huge, and often hard. This is the first leap we help you make. In a state of wellness, bodily systems are in order and energy levels are showing improvement.
  • High Performance: This is the second leap we aim to help you make. Why settle for ‘good’ when you can have ‘great’? In the high performance state, your body responds to you. You are able to exercise and eat to the best of your abilities. Your energy levels are kicking and you feel great. 

Our body is a mine of data. Parameters such as blood biomarkers and genetic composition, as also our physiology, metabolic parameters and the human microbiome,  all influence how we feel and function. The good news is that most of these parameters are quantifiable, meaning we can collect the numbers from your body, and understand what these numbers represent. This multimodal data is the first component of a data driven approach to health. This approach is supported by the development of wearable technology and devices, which are able to collect data from your body 24X7. There is also the easier availability of diagnostic tools and centers that can even collect samples from you at home. That these alternatives are available all over the world, coupled with competitive pricing, makes it possible to make wellness hyper-personalized. A systematic gathering of this data can help in understanding the human body based on numbers. 

The fact that data collected from humans always exhibits variance is known. By using sensors and testing to collect data from each individual, we are able to offer a very high degree of personalization in plans. First, we offer you a choice of goals and personas you may fit into. We then prescribe relevant tests that help us understand your position on the Health and Wellness continuum. We then design a plan that is intended to move you up the wellness ladder, and easy to comply with based on your lifestyle. Our recommendations are highly specific to you, and they include natural alternatives such as changes to lifestyle, nutrition and exercise routines. 

We don’t stop at that either. We strongly believe that all wellness undertakings must be outcome oriented. If they cannot deliver results, they might as well not be followed. This outcome –driven approach is the reason we have structured coaching and follow up, so we can help you stay on track until you begin to see results. Once you see the positive outcome, you would be more willing to continue on the wellness path. 

And the best part? All of these principles are rooted in science. People who voluntarily commit to fitness are usually the ones who already have some exposure to the world of physical well-being. Having seen the benefits of leading an active lifestyle, they are much more willing to commit to a plan. Since not everyone may start out in that place, we are always available to provide continuous support. If your lifestyle doesn’t permit long stretches of exercise time, short bursts are just as beneficial. Since we spend time understanding your needs, we are able to design a plan that fits in with you perfectly. 

The results are there for all to see. Our clients come back to us not just with positive feedback, but also with a zeal to lead other people on the path of self-discovery. Indeed, while the plans differ and so do the approaches, the outcome is the same- better health and productivity for all.

 *Medical Disclaimer - The following information is for educational purposes only. No information provided on this website, including text, graphic, and images, are intended as substitutes for professional medical advice. Please consult with your doctor about specific medical advice pertaining to your condition(s)

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