Why a Full Body Checkup at Home is required for Senior Citizens

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A full body checkup is the right option for your parents and grandparents if they are home bound and require assistance. You can also book multiple tests for them across different days so that they can be comfortable during the sample collection process.

One of the best ways to know if there is any underlying medical condition is to get a home test done. You can get a complete full body test, which can include thyroid, kidney, liver, CBC, etc., which can provide more information on core health markers.

You can even get your report on the next day of your sample collection in many cases, which is why online booking and at home collection is the right option for several. You can get clearer information about what levels need to be targeted through medication, treatment, or other measures.

Why seniors require additional care

Senior citizens require additional attention and care when it comes to wellbeing, medical care, and quality of life. You can help them enjoy their golden years better with the right testing protocols designed for their entire body checkup.

You can also prevent the emergence of any potential conditions that can be caught earlier. This can help ensure that your parents are enjoying their lives to the fullest. They can also track medication effectiveness with a full body checkup.

What are the benefits of a full body checkup at home?

There are several benefits of a complete full body checkup for seniors at home.

Early detection

You can detect potential medical conditions and diseases early with the right full body test. This can help in the timely introduction of medication and treatment.

Preventative testing

You can prevent a range of old age related conditions with the right full body check-up. You can also improve their sense of wellbeing and energy levels during this time period.

Managing a chronic condition

A chronic condition can be managed better when you get a full body test done regularly.

Identifying cause of symptoms

If there is joint pain, muscle pain, or other symptoms, then getting a full body test is the best option.

Understanding longevity

Understanding quality of lifespan and longevity can be done through a full body test to check for anomalies and potential risk areas.

Predicting potential issues

Any underlying medical issues that may be going undetected can be checked with the right test.

Medication impact tracking

The impact of new medication can be tested with a complete health checkup to measure its effectiveness in different markers.

Treatment changes

If there are changes in the treatment then a complete health checkup is recommended to measure any potential impact areas.

Recovery period tracking

Post surgery recovery is important, which is why a complete body test is recommended.

What symptoms should I watch out for?

If your parents or other senior citizens are complaining about these symptoms, you should consider getting a complete health checkup done for them. Your health package should include a thyroid profile total, a lipid profile, a liver function test, kidney function, and a glucose fasting analysis.

If you are opting for the full body checkup, then you can get a free home sample collection of the blood sample as well. In the event that your parents are more comfortable with at home collection, a home test can help you get the sample collection done with ease.

Joint pain

Joint pain is a common symptom that should be addressed early on, so that there is early detection of potential deficiencies or disease onset.

Skin related issues

Spots, texture changes, and colour related issues can be addressed with a complete full body test. This can help in determining whether there are liver spots or more topical changes in the skin.

Muscle pain

Your senior parents can experience muscle pain and show symptoms such as tiredness or pain related issues in certain muscles.

Neurological symptoms

Neurological symptoms should be tested with a specific and general health examination. This can provide more information about the critical reasons behind tremors, shaking, etc.

Changes in wellbeing

If your senior parents aren't able to fully experience their daily lives, then getting a full body test will be important.

Problems with concentration

Problems with concentration can be related to a hormone issue or a nutritional imbalance. There may also be other underlying issues.

Chronic infections or falling ill often

If your parents fall ill often or have long-term infections that they are dealing with, then it is important to get a complete health checkup done.

Issues with managing condition

If your parent is managing a chronic condition, such as diabetes or osteoporosis, then getting tested if the symptoms emerge is key. This can help prevent disease escalation within time.

How do I book a full body checkup for my parents?

You can book a complete full body test for your senior parents via MyDiagnostics. You can place an order and our expert will be present at your address for home sample pickup.

What is the cost of the full body checkup?

The full body test cost in India is INR 2400 and includes a range of tests that are important for overall health tracking.

When will I get the full body report?

For most tests, you can receive the report within 24-48 hours. You can also follow the prerequisites for each test so that you get accurate results. 

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