What are the Complications associated with Fatty Liver Grade 2?

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Fatty liver grade 2 is a serious condition in which there is excess fat present within the liver, which is beyond the normal safe levels. This could be because of excessive alcohol consumption or higher body fat, which could be adding to the presence of fat in the liver.

There are several complications associated with fatty liver grade 2 which is why it is recommended to get a complete test done when you experience the symptoms. You should also get a complete liver function test done as a precautionary measure if you are already at risk.

Liver cells that have been damaged over time, will require a liver biopsy to understand how to reverse fatty liver disease. A liver transplant may be the recommended course of action if there are risk factors present and the liver damage is significant.

Understanding the types of fatty liver

There are two types of fatty liver conditions, and understanding them is key to reversing the condition.

Alcoholic fatty liver disease

Alcoholic steatohepatitis is a critical disease that develops as a result of higher consumption of alcohol. Key toxic compounds are generated that can cause damage to the liver cells, which over time result in hepatitis and cirrhosis.

Non alcoholic fatty liver disease

NAFL is a less severe form of fatty liver, in which there is fat present in the liver due to dietary and lifestyle reasons. There isn't significant inflammation or cirrhosis of the liver, enabling you to reverse its effects over time.

Here are the complications associated with fatty liver grade 2

There are several complications and risk factors associated with fatty liver grade 2, which is why it is important to get tested and be mindful of any symptoms you may be experiencing.

Higher risk of secondary conditions

If you have NAFL then your risk of developing secondary conditions rises significantly.

Liver complications

Multiple complications, such as elevated liver enzymes, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, liver function issues, and liver failure, can be attributed to fatty liver grade 2.

Cardiovascular disease

There may be secondary cardiovascular disease present, based on the damage caused to the body as well as the overall role of lifestyle.


Your risk of developing type 2 diabetes rises significantly when you have fatty liver grade 2.

High blood pressure

Individuals can develop high BP if they have chronic liver function issues such as fatty liver.

Chronic health issues

You may develop chronic issues with cholesterol, triglycerides, and other health issues. Fatty liver disease may contribute to these blood work related issues long-term.

What's the difference between Grade 1 and 2 fatty liver?

Grade 1 fatty liver refers to a reversible condition in which less than 10% of the liver mass is fat, allowing for normal functioning of the liver. When the amount of fat accounts for 10-20% of the liver mass, it is referred to as grade 2 fatty liver.

Grade 2 is a more severe form of fatty liver disease and can lead to critical complications over time. This can also be a predeterminer for grade 3 fatty liver which is far more complex. You should get tested when you have grade 2 fatty liver, so that you're able to reverse its effects in time.

What are the signs of fatty liver?

There are important signs of fatty liver that you should be mindful of, and get tested when you start to experience them.

Chronic fatigue

The sub-optimal output of the liver may lead to chronic fatigue and other issues with the organ.

Difficulty focusing

You may find it harder to focus on certain tasks if you have issues with fatty liver.

Significant swelling in legs

There may be oedema present as a critical sign of fatty liver or other problems with the liver function.

Easy bruising or wound healing issues

You may find that you are bruising much faster than usual, while it takes longer for wounds to heal.

Loss of appetite

You may experience a complete loss of appetite, which is characterised by other symptoms of liver complications as well.

Yellow eyes

A complex sign of liver disease and fatty liver is the presence of yellow eyes. You may also have severe jaundice multiple times.

Frequent right lower pain

You may experience pain the lower right region as a critical sign of fatty liver or liver issues. 

How do I get my liver function tested in India?

You can get a complete liver function test done in India through MyDiagnostics.

What is the cost of the liver function test?

You can get the complete liver function test in India at INR 2995 through the platform.

When will I get my liver function test report?

Your report will be generated within 24-48 hours. 

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