Vitality & Sexual Health

  • Understanding the Causes of Male Infertility

    There are several reasons behind male infertility which can be tested in a laboratory setting. Medication, injury, hormonal factors, and certain conditions can lead to issues with fertility long-term. Of the several reasons behind infertility, it is importan... View Post
  • Do you have low-T? These are the major low testosterone symptoms

    The rate of low testosterone in the body is a critical factor that should be tested over time. You can experience the low testosterone symptoms at an early age if there are underlying issues with your health and hormone profile. Key symptoms such as low vita... View Post
  • A 7-step guide on how to balance hormones long-term

    There are several strategies that you can apply when looking for the best ways on how to balance hormones naturally long-term. You can opt for the right changes that can positively impact your overall hormonal profile, and lower your risk of a hormonal imbal... View Post
  • Why you Should Target Age Related Hormone Decline for Longer Life

    The effects of age related hormone decline can impact various functions in the body, such as vitality, metabolic health, and overall energy. There may be a loss in muscle mass and strength in older men and women, as with age there is a decline in the hormona... View Post
  • What Tests are a Part of an Erectile Dysfunction Test in India?

    When considering a complete erectile dysfunction test it is important to know what tests you should opt for specifically. Your doctor may also review your medical history and suggest specific blood tests and mental health assessments to determine the root causes. The m... View Post
  • How soon can HIV be detected by a blood test in India?

    The window period for HIV testing can be between 23 and 90 days after exposure. You need to get an HIV test done as soon as you believe that you may be exposed to HIV virus. There are different types of HIV tests in India, and you can get the test results di... View Post
  • Debunking myths about PCOS and weight

    POLYCYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a condition associated with hormone imbalances that affects women. Though the underlying cause of PCOS is not known or well understood, it is believed that an imbalance of sex ho... View Post
  • Can a normal blood test detect HIV? Do I need an HIV test?

    A normal test, in many cases, can not detect the presence of HIV virus. You need a specialised HIV test to know if you have the virus. You can test the impact of the virus on your critical biomarkers, which can help you assess your biological condition bette... View Post