Understanding the Causes of Male Infertility

There are several reasons behind male infertility which can be tested in a laboratory setting. Medication, injury, hormonal factors, and certain conditions can lead to issues with fertility long-term. Of the several reasons behind infertility, it is important to get a complete health scan done prior to treatment.

For male infertility there are several treatment options as well such as surgery, hormone treatment, medication, etc. There may be an underlying health condition due to which male infertility is present. It's also vital to know what is male infertility to the extent of what blood tests are needed as tests of infertility in men.

Analysing root causes of male infertility

There are several root causes of male infertility, which can be analysed with a blood test.


Certain medication for arthritis, and other chronic conditions can lead to changes in sperm production.


Some medication may increase the risk of male infertility


Lifestyle reasons

Smoking, excessive drinking, and other lifestyle reasons can impact sperm production as well.

Environmental factors

Pollution, stress, and toxins in the environment can have an impact on your fertility. You can get a complete toxin test done to check for this parameter.

Genetic condition

Genetic conditions, such as Klinefelter syndrome, may lead to infertility and changes in sperm production.

Secondary medical condition

A secondary medical condition can sometimes lead to infertility, especially if there is an impact on your endocrine system as a result.


You may have a biological reasons behind non-production of sperm. This can be tested through blood tests to determine whether it is the main factor.


Your body may be producing lower sperm count or poor quality sperm as well, which could be the reason behind infertility.


An injury may also be a core reason behind infertility as well. You can get a complete ultrasound done to check for this parameter.

Hormonal factors

Your hormonal profile may be impacting your fertility, which can be treated with the right blood test and hormone replacement.

How is male infertility diagnosed in men?

You can opt for several testing options to check for infertility.

Physical examination

Any defects, illnesses, and medical conditions will be analysed to check for core reasons behind infertility. This can be a beneficial starting point for any issues with male infertility.

Sperm analysis

A semen analysis can help in determining the sperm count, quality, and other preliminary factors.


Ultrasounds can help in checking for blockages and injuries which may be impacting fertility.


A biopsy is also recommended in the case of low sperm production, as well as for IVF.

Hormonal profile

Your complete hormonal profile is determined, and core deficiencies or imbalances are detected.

Genetic testing

Genetic reasons for infertility are checked within the testing model.

Family planning options with male infertility

There are multiple options available for family planning when it comes to male infertility.


In the case of IVF, the sperm and the egg are combined in a laboratory to create viable embryos which can be used for pregnancy.


In the case of intracytoplasmic sperm injection ICSI the live sperm is injected into the partner's uterus to initiate pregnancy. This is a viable alternative for low mobility and sperm count.


Any blockages of the vas deferens can be treated with surgery, which should aid in the flow of sperm for men.

Hormone therapy

Hormone therapy can help in balancing the hormonal factors that contribute to infertility. 

How do I book a complete men's hormone test?

You can get a complete hormone test in India through MyDiagnostics.

What is the cost of the men's hormone test in India?

The cost of the male hormone test in India is INR 5999, which includes 75 parameters for complete analysis and reporting.

When will I get the male hormone test results?

You can get your male hormone test results within 48-60 hours.