Can Double Marker Test be done after 14 weeks?

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The screening window for the double marker test is between 11 weeks to 14 weeks, as this is when you can get accurate results. After this screening window, it is recommended to get the triple marker test done. When asking can double marker test be done after 14 weeks it is important to know there may be issues with accuracy.

What tests are included in the double marker test?

There are two markers included in the double marker test, namely hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) and PAPP-A (pregnancy associated plasma protein). The blood test checks for down syndrome, trisomy, and other genetic abnormalities.

The maternal serum screening is a vital first trimester screening for chromosomal abnormalities so that you are aware of any potential risk factors. The pregnancy double marker test allows pregnant women who are at high risk of chromosomal abnormalities, to know about potential conditions.

Why is a double marker test performed?

A double marker test is an important screening examination for a number of reasons.

Identifying potential genetic abnormalities

Screening tests check for normal range within key markers so that your child's risk of developing a genetic abnormality can be identified. The screening test is also vital to check for Down syndrome, Edward's syndrome, etc. Non invasive tests can check for risk or screen negative results when performed in a certified laboratory.

Preparing for child

If your child has a genetic abnormality, then preparing for them becomes easier with more information. You can make the right decisions earlier and be more prepared when you are knowledgeable about the challenges ahead.

Important when risk factors present

It's important to perform the double marker test when there are potential risk factors present during the pregnancy. This will help in screening out any increased risk of genetic abnormalities, while providing more information and relief to the woman.

Family history

If there is a family history of genetic abnormalities, then getting timely screenings done is important. This will help provide more information overall and help you understand the journey ahead. You can also be better prepared.

What other tests should I get done through the pregnancy?

There are several tests that you should get when it comes to your pregnancy. While double and triple marker tests are important, you should also get further testing done if you have any predispositions as well. You can get more information about your risk factor with secondary testing.

These are some of the other tests that should be performed during your pregnancy gestational period.

Triple marker test

The triple marker test is performed after the double marker test, and includes AFP, hCG, and uE3.

Quadruple marker test

The quad marker test includes, Alpha fetoprotein (AFP), Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), PaPPA, and PLGF. It's a vital marker test for analysis as well.

Ultrasound test

Ultrasound scan and NT scan testing are key for women if they are at an increased risk factor.

General blood tests

General blood tests, such as CBC and hormones tests, are key to perform throughout the pregnancy.

How do I book the double marker test in India?

You can book the double marker test through the MyDiagnostics website by clicking on the buy this button.

What is the cost of the double marker test?

The double marker test price is INR 2500 when you purchase it from MyDiagnostics.

When will I get the double marker report of the test?

You will get the double marker test report in a few days time, generally 3-4 days.

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