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Allergy Testing – IgE, Eczema, Respiratory, & Skin Allergy Test Noida

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  1. Rice Dust
  2. Wheat Dust
  3. Jute Dust
  4. House Dust
  5. Straw Dust
  6. Woods Saw Dust
  7. Cotton Dust
  1. Powder
  2. Shampoo
  3. Deodorant
  4. Nail Polish
  5. Perfume
  6. Hair Dye
  7. Sun Creams
  8. Soap
  9. Lipstick
  10. Body Lotions
  1. Pencillium notatum
  2. Mucor racemosus
  3. Cladosporium herbarum
  4. Candida albicans
  5. Aspergillus fumigatus
  6. Alternaria alternata
  1. Dermatophagoides
  2. Duck Feathers
  3. Dermatophagoides farinae 
  4. Chicken feathers
  5. Goose feathers
  6. Budgerigar feathers
  1. Sweet Vernal Grass
  2. Meadow Fescue
  3. Reed Common
  4. Jhonson Grass
  5. Bermuda Grass
  6. Rye Grass
  7. Blue Grass
  8. Cocks Foot
  9. Timothy
  10. Red Top, Bent Grass
  1. Cat Epithelium
  2. Cow Dandruff
  3. Pig Epithelium
  4. Dog Epithelium
  5. Dog Dandruff 
  6. Horse Dandruff
  7. Rabbit Epithelium
WEEDS (10)
  1. Short Rag Weed
  2. Daisy, Ox Eye
  3. Plantago Lanceolata
  4. Sunflower
  5. Western Rag Weed
  6. Dandelion 
  7. Chenopodium Album
  8. Mugwort
  9. Pig Weed
  10. Parietaria
  1. Alcohol
  2. Caustic Soda
  3. Limestone
  4. Polyster
  5. Yarn Fibre
  6. Ash
  7. Detergent
  8. Nickel
  9. Sulfer
  10. Bone Cement
  11. Leather
  12. Nylon Fibres
  13. Wool Mix
  1. Ant
  2. Wasp
  3. Mosquito
  4. Cockroach
  5. Honey Bee
  6. House Fly
  1. Silk 
  2. Plaster of Paris
  3. Smoke
  4. Latex
  5. Paints
  6. Papain
  7. Plastic
  1. Total IgE

Sample Requried: Blood
Test Mode: At Home
Turn Around Time: 3-5 Days
Fasting Time: None
Other Instructions: No alcohol intake 24-48 hours before the test

About the IgE, Skin & Respiratory Allergy Test in Noida

Allergies occur when your immune system reacts to certain foreign substances like dust, pollen, smoke that don’t cause a reaction in most people. The complete skin allergy test Noida package offers comprehensive analysis against 80 commonly known allergens. You can determine the major allergens that you should be careful of with the comprehensive blood test.

With the IgE skin allergy test, you can get detailed insights into multiple categories of allergies. You can review your allergic reaction to contacts, such as leather, wool, & fibre, as well as grasses, such as vernal, rye, & red top. This ensures that you are protected from allergic reactions by making the right lifestyle changes. You can be better prepared when visiting environments that may trigger the allergic reaction.

Symptoms of Skin & Respiratory Allergy

There are several symptoms of skin & respiratory allergies that you should be aware of so that you can get a test immediately to understand what allergens are present. You can make the right changes in your environment, to minimize exposure as well as have medication ready in case you experience these symptoms.

More serious conditions, such as Eczema can become severe within a shorter timespan. Your skin can become red and itchy, while being accompanied by asthma and hay fever symptoms. Cracked, scaly, and crusted skin can also form requiring immediate treatment and medication.

Understanding the IgE Allergy testing process

Your blood sample is tested in an NABL certified laboratory against 80 allergens that are commonly found. Multiple types of allergens are also tested, such as contacts, dust, grass, animal proteins, cosmetics, etc.

The presence of IgE antibodies to specific allergens is measured within the laboratory, thereby showing the likelihood of allergic reactions to that substance. With an at-home test option, you can conveniently provide the blood sample for yourself and your loved ones anywhere in the country.

Quality Testing & Analysis of Skin Allergy test

Quality assurance is done at 3 levels

  • Sample collection from home using one time sealed QR coded sterile kits and transportation to the lab including the temperature condition requirements
  • Sample acceptance and QC at the lab
  • Sample run at the NABL/CAP/ISO certified labs

How do I test for skin allergies?

MyDiagnostics provides an at-home blood test for testing skin allergies. The blood sample is tested for measuring the levels of IgE antibodies to diagnose the root cause of your allergic reactions. You can place an order for the skin allergy test Noida package, and have it delivered directly to your doorstep. The at-home sample collection option also makes it easier to get your sample tested with complete convenience for you and your loved ones.

What is the total IgE level in the allergy test?

Optimal IgE levels in the blood sample for skin allergy testing are between 150 and 300 UI/ml. You should consult with a specialist after you receive your IgE allergy test report. A comprehensive allergy test will also provide detailed information on what allergies are causing a severe or mild reaction as well.

What are the main causes of allergic reactions in the body?

An allergen can cause a significant reaction in the body, which can be a plant, a chemical, or an airborne element, creating allergic symptoms. A test is done to determine the root cause of the allergic reaction, so as to provide immediate treatment or medication. A range of factors can be involved in the reaction, such as infections, immune disorders, temporary immune reactions, prior medications, etc.

If you are experiencing nasal blockages, sneezing, itchy sensation, redness/inflammation, and generalized discomfort it is ideal to get a skin allergy test in Noida. The results are shared via email with all rights reserved, giving you complete clarity on what allergens you should be careful of going forward.


skin allergy test Noida is the best option for knowing what allergens are impacting you

    Can allergy skin testing cause anaphylaxis?

    Skin testing allergy test is a reliable and safe way to diagnose IgE-mediated allergies, with rare side-effects. However, prick-to-prick skin test may cause anaphylaxis. Tests should be performed only by physicians with proper training in allergy, experienced in treating promptly and properly episodes of anaphylaxis. That is why when opting for allergy testing in Noida, it is important to select the best skin allergy test package.

    Can allergy skin-testing cause serious reactions, such as skin inflammation, diarrhoea, etc?

    The most common side effect of skin testing is slightly swollen, red, itchy bumps on the skin. In rare cases, a more serious reaction can occur in which case you should consult with a specialist immediately.

    Can a skin allergy spread to others?

    Contagious forms of skin allergies can spread from one person to another through direct contact. Breaking out in the form of rashes are one of the main symptoms of an allergy, which can be tested via skin prick test, blood allergy tests, etc.

    Can you get fever as a symptom of a skin allergy?

    Yes, as a consequence of having an allergic reaction, you can get fever, headaches, nausea, and other primary symptoms. These can also worsen over time, depending on your exposure to the allergen that caused the reaction. A skin allergy panel test Noida kit can help you find the main reason behind your fever symptoms.

    Can cosmetics cause an allergic reaction?

    Yes, in some cases cosmetics can cause an allergic reaction. Based on the types of chemicals present within powders, shampoos, soap, and nail polishes, you can be allergic to them. It is important to get a skin allergy test in Noida done to understand your risk profile. You can substitute the cosmetics accordingly to opt for more natural bases.

    Can I be allergic to leather?

    Yes, people can be allergic to pure leather. Animal proteins can cause an allergic reaction in the body, which is why testing for allergies in your city is key. You can also substitute leather wallets, belts, and clothes, to minimize your exposure.

    How do I decrease my risk of exposure to allergens in the environment?

    There are several strategies you can focus on to decrease your risk of exposure to allergens in the environment.

    Focusing on regular intensive cleaning

    This is a key strategy, especially if you are severely allergic to dust and mould. You can opt for deep cleaning of your home or office areas regularly to reduce the formation of bacteria and fungus in your environment.

    Eliminating allergens from surroundings

    Whether you are allergic to leather or cosmetics, you can eliminate them from your daily routine to lower your risk. If you experience flare-ups, then you can re-examine which allergens may be causing the reaction.

    Analysing symptoms in new environments

    If you enter a new office, restaurant, or home, and you start to experience sneezing, coughing, redness, and skin irritation, then you can track your symptoms. You can avoid these new spaces next time, by gauging which allergens may be present.


    Equipping yourself with medication

    Having allergy medication available is key to ensuring that you don't have a severe reaction. You can also opt for symptom based medication when you start to experience them when in a new space.

    What is the cost of a skin allergy test in Noida?

    The skin allergy test price in Noida for 80 allergens across major categories is INR 2900. With the comprehensive skin test in Noida, you can learn more about your allergy profile and reduce your exposure to these allergens. From cosmetics to paints, there are multiple areas that you can review to ensure reduced risk of symptoms development. You can also give us a call to know more about how the at-home test for skin allergies is performed in Noida at +9108047166161.

    What is the contact number of MyDiagnostics in Noida?

    You can contact us anytime from anywhere at +9108047166161 to get any updates on packages, tests, etc.

  • For some, environmental particles like dust mites, cosmetics, and pet dander can be perceived as a threat and the immune system fights them by making antibodies called Immunoglobulin E (IgE) causing an allergic reaction.
  • Environmental allergies are very common and allergy symptoms can range from sneezing to a life-threatening situation called anaphylactic shock.
  • Comprehensive Allergy blood tests measure the amount of IgE antibodies in the blood sample. A small amount of IgE antibodies is normal. A larger amount of IgE may mean you have an allergy
  • Most sinus infections are caused due to environmental-related triggers including home environment
  • If you have symptoms of allergy like coughing, sneezing, stuffy nose, wheezing, shortness of breath, itchy eyes, rashes and vomiting.
  • Those looking to identify the root cause of seasonal or environmental-related allergy triggers.
  • Do not consume alcohol 24-48 hours before the test