Winning against long-term allergy

           I was 15 years old when I had my first bout of bronchitis. After that my body had become a haven for respiratory problems. Frequent throat infections with cough, fever, breathlessness and severe headaches due to sinusitis had become a part and parcel of my life. I got myself checked with multiple doctors but all of them suggested that it was only an allergy and that all I could do was take-up precautionary measures to keep myself safe. My deteriorating health also led me to miss several days at work and miss out on many activities that I loved to do like travelling. Being an avid traveller my allergy issues always posed a big problem. This led me to seek proper help and that was when I came across MyDiagnostics and their package for respiratory health

         I decided to get myself tested and contacted the team at MyDiagnostics.The team was very responsive. They explained how the test would help me and assisted me with the booking.  A phlebotomist came over to my place on the date of the booking and collected my blood samples. The procedure was easy and hassle-free. My reports arrived after 3 days and was a detailed one. It helped me identify all the allergens that played a major role in aggravating my condition. The reports suggested that I was at risk of developing Asthma. The results thus obtained provided greater clarity on what measures I need to take to lead a healthier life and help me engage in all the activities that I enjoy doing without affecting my health.

       With proper guidance, I am now able to travel more often and enjoy my life to the fullest.

Did you know that Asthma and Rhinitis are the most common type of respiratory allergies

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