What is IgE test? How can I buy IGE test in India at the best price?

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If your doctor wants to know if you are experiencing an immune response to a potential allergen, then they may recommend getting an IgE test. The specific IgE test of the presence of the protein, can be determined with an allergy blood test.

When understanding what is IgE test, it is critical to know when an IgE test is administered. In the event that your doctor wants to check for certain types of infections and immune disorders, an allergen specific IgE may be administered.

What is the main purpose of immunoglobulin E IgE test?

The diagnosis test checks for the presence of IgE antibodies present in the blood. The test is vital to the determination of immune activity on the introduction of an allergen or due to other immune system issues.

Understanding potential allergens

You should be aware of potential allergens that require an IgE test for symptoms mapping.


Pollen is one of the most common allergens that many individuals need medication for managing.

Dust particles

You may have an allergy to dust particles if you start sneezing uncontrollably in dusty spaces.

Mould in damp regions

Mould is another critical allergen that can detrimentally impact your respiratory system.

New medication

Your doctor may recommend an IgE test if you have an allergic reaction to a new medication.

Food groups

Certain foods such as nuts, fruits, and vegetables, can cause an allergic reaction.


Animal dander can also create an immune response if you are allergic.

Animal products

You may be allergic to leather, wool, and other animal products.

Recognizing the symptoms of an allergic reaction

There are several symptoms of an allergic reaction that you should be mindful of long-term. 

Redness in the eyes

Your eyes could become itchier and redder, based on the type of allergen.

Swelling and sensitive skin

Your skin may become more sensitive to the touch if you have been exposed to an allergen.

Tightening of the throat

You can have a tightening of the throat when you are exposed to an allergen.

Sneezing and coughing

You could have a stuffed nose and experience coughing symptoms.

Swelling of lips and mouth irritation

You can have swelling or reddening around the lips and mouth region.

Difficulty breathing

A critical symptom of an allergic reaction is the inability to breathe properly. 

Getting the best IgE test price in India

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How do I buy an IgE test in India?

You can get a total IgE test done when you order the test of IgE from MyDiagnostics.

Can I get a home IgE test in India?

Yes, you can opt for home sample collection when you buy the test from MyDiagnostics.

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