How do I find a Full Body Checkup test list with Price Discount?

It's vital to get a comprehensive testing solution with complete transparency and timely reporting. This helps in getting the right information about key parameters that are important to track over time. Details on sugar, RBC, vitamins, thyroid, and organ health are important to check regularly.

The best way to get a full body checkup test list with price benefits is to book a test online. You can get the best test with comprehensive information on your health factors through MyDiagnostics. You can get a comprehensive test done with the convenience of at home sample collection and 24-48 hours turnaround time. 

you should get a full body checkup test list with price if you are experiencing symptoms


Why get a full body health checkup?

There are several reasons why you should get a full body checkup done, especially when you have a pre-existing condition or have health issues. You should also focus on a regular checkup done if you are experiencing chronic symptoms that may be linked to specific deficiencies or conditions.

Preventative tests

Preventive health checkups also help in early diagnosis of certain conditions. A preventive health checkup will help catch early signs of diseases via a complete blood test analysis.

Vital if you have a family history

If you have a family history of certain conditions, such as diabetes, osteoporosis, etc., then getting regularly screened is key. You should get multiple tests performed every few months to keep your levels tracked.

Essential if you have risk factors

If you are already at risk for certain conditions, then getting those markers tested in a timely manner is important. You should ensure that your risk factors are within control parameters, and your levels are within normal range. 

Important after 60 years age

Full body checkup tests are also the ideal annual examination after the age of 60 years. You need consistent tracking of your health markers so that you're protected from any potential issues. 



What should be included in the complete full body checkup?

Complete body health checkup packages should include a range of tests that are designed to optimize your health outcomes. A full body health checkup should also include all tests required to maintain your health status and continuously track your stats.

Blood health

You should keep a close track of your RBC, WBC, haemoglobin, and other blood markers especially if you have an issue with blood clotting, thinning, wound healing, etc. 

Iron markers

Tracking iron levels are key if you are prone to having issues with concentration, memory, energy, etc. You should track your iron levels if you are feeling weakness.

Lipid profile

For longevity, health, and vitality, it is important to keep a close watch on your cholesterol, triglycerides, and other lipid markers. 

Liver function

Liver function markers, such as albumin, AST, and ALT, are important to track if you have a prior history of liver issues or problems with blood toxicity. 


CRP tracking is vital for long-term healing and infections. You should also keep a close track on your inflammation markers if you have had chronic illnesses in the past. 

Vitamin and mineral

You should track your vitamin and mineral markers to avoid common symptoms and issues with energy, bone density, muscle loss, vitality, etc.

Kidney function test

To test your body's ability to manage waste, kidney function markers are vital to track long-term. You should ensure that your kidney function markers are included in the complete testing package.

Ensure these parameters are present when booking a full body test

When booking a full body checkup package, it is important to ensure that the basics are present. Complete body checkup packages should be comprehensive enough to include a wide range of tests. Full body checkup packages should also be optimized for price, convenience, and speedy results.

Complete list of tests

You should make sure that you're getting the full blood tests list when booking full body checkups. This will ensure that your preventative health checkups are comprehensive and transparent.

Timely results

You should be able to get your report generated within a few days, which should be ideal for all testing packages.

At-home testing convenience

You should be able to get your blood samples drawn at home with convenience. This is important for senior citizens, individuals that are bed bound, and everyday people who want to get tested.

Optimized cost

The full body checkup cost should be optimized to include all important tests in them. You should get a cost benefit when opting for a complete package.