Understanding Why We Need Body Composition Analysis

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The body composition analysis is a complete test of your body fat percentage, fat free mass, muscle, bone, water, and other vital bodily components. Through this a healthy body composition can be identified for your body, which can be analysed through testing averages.

Various tests such as dual energy x ray absorptiometry (DEXA), callipers, bio-impedance scan, and hydrostatic scan, are used to determine the percentages of body fat, muscle, bone, etc. You should get a complete body composition package which includes a range of tests and measures.

What is the meaning of body composition?

The various components of the human body can be measured via the body composition test. You can understand whether your body is holding excess fat or has experienced bone density loss after getting the results of the body composition test.

Muscle mass

Protein and muscle tissue can be checked within the body composition test. The amount of lean muscle tissue can be verified via the tests.

Essential Fat

The essential fat we need, such as to protect the organs and to allow for normal hormone regulation, can be checked via the different body composition tests.

Non-essential fat

The adipose tissue in your body composition can be checked as well, which can be a sign of a condition if above certain body fat percentage levels.


Bone density can be captured within the body composition test as well. Deterioration, when compared to averages, can be tracked for aging individuals.


Your essential water weight can be checked as well, which can show signs of good health. 

You should get a body composition analysis done in the following cases

When asking yourself what is body composition, it is important to know why we need to measure body composition as well. There are several instances in which your body composition is checked, as a part of a complete check-up.

Annual health examination

You should regularly get a body composition test done as a part of an annual health exam. This can be critical to track over time.

Tracking impact of aging

You may experience muscle or bone density loss as you age, which is important to track. You can take the right precautionary measures when you are experiencing these signs early.

Fat loss vs muscle loss

If you have lost some weight but are feeling less energetic, it may be important to check for fat loss or muscle loss. You may be losing muscle mass over time, which is critical to check via DEXA.

Changes in diet

If you have increased your protein intake or improved your lifestyle decisions, you can get a medical measurement of its impact through a body composition test.

Improvement in exercise

The effectiveness of your exercise routine can be checked via a body composition analysis. The test can provide you with precise data on whether you are losing non-essential fat or not. 

Should I get BMI test or body composition test?

A BMI test is a simple standardized test providing a number based on your height and weight. Your other measurements may be taken into consideration as well in some cases, but the final number is a simple calculation.

You need a complete scan of your non-essential fat, muscle, bone, and water weight, to get a more precise understanding of your health. You can get a BMI test, but you'll need a comprehensive body composition analysis to know more.

How can I buy a body composition analysis test?

You can book the body composition test through MyDiagnostics. You can get a comprehensive body analysis done in a certified laboratory.

What is the cost of the body composition test in India?

The price of the body composition test in India is INR 999.

When will I get my results of the body composition test?

You can receive your test results within 1 day of the test being performed.

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