What are the Danger Level of SGPT and SGOT Readings?

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You should be mindful of the danger level of SGPT and SGOT readings, which should be avoided through your recovery journey. You can make the right changes in your medication, lifestyle, diet, and activity levels to improve your liver health over time.

The normal levels of SGPT are between 7-56 units/litre of serum. Any levels above that are considered alarming. Similarly for SGOT - 8-45 units/ litre of the serum are normal. Levels above that are considered alarming for individuals.

Your doctor may also recommend secondary testing, such as scans and liver function tests, if they find that your levels are alarming for extended periods. You should also consider tracking your levels closely so that you can improve them with the right interventions.

Here's how you can prevent your levels of SGPT and SGOT from elevating

You can prevent the rising of the levels of sgot and sgpt over time, with the right precautions. SGOT and SGPT levels can also be reduced with the help of these measures, thereby preventing further liver damage or damage to other organs.

Focusing on active lifestyle

An active lifestyle can help improve overall health, which can have an impact on the normal range of your sgpt level. The SGPT and SGOT levels of your liver can also improve over time when you are more active and focused on lifestyle changes.

Improving dietary intake

You should take the right nutrients from a correct dietary plan so that your body can function optimally. The load on your liver is reduced when you consume your nutrition from an effective diet plan.

Focusing on balance of nutrition

A balance of nutrition rich meals can help in improving overall levels in the liver. Foods that good for the liver, such as cruciferous vegetables, grains, and nuts, should be incorporated into your diet for improving liver levels.

Keeping blood sugar levels normal

You should focus on keeping your blood sugar levels normal so that your liver function isn't altered. You can also prevent the escalation of related conditions, when your sugar levels are normal for extended periods.

Getting regularly tested

You can keep your sgpt and sgot levels within range by getting tested for them regularly. In the event that your levels are higher and the liver function test is also showing alarming results, then you can consult with your doctor immediately.

Improve quality of sleep

You can improve your body's natural recovery systems with the help of quality sleep. You can also improve the quality of your sleep with the right sleep tests.

Alter lifestyle decisions

Excessive smoking, drinking, and other lifestyle decisions may negatively impact your liver's ability to detoxify the body. You may be increasing the load on your liver without realising it, with these decisions.

Adhere to medication routine

You should closely adhere to any medication for a chronic condition so that your liver isn't impacted. You should also check for any side effects to any medication which may impact liver readings and performance.

What follow up tests should I get for my SGPT and SGOT levels?

There are multiple follow up tests that you should definitely get to keep a better track of your levels.

Liver function test

A complete liver function test may be recommended if someone is experiencing the symptoms of liver disease.

Bilirubin test

Liver diseases can be detected with the bilirubin test to check for levels. This is an important test if your doctor has detected something wrong with other levels.


A scan may be conducted for first hand imaging of your liver to detect any specific problems.

CT scan

CT scan may be recommended to detect any abnormalities in the organs caused by any disease or disorder.


An MRI scan will be able to provide more information on the overall health and recovery of your liver and other organs.

Coagulation test

The test is vital to check for clotting disorders and any potential issues with clotting which could escalate problems.

How do I book a liver function test at home?

You can buy the complete liver function and vitals test through MyDiagnostics.

What is the cost of the liver function test at home?

The cost of the liver function and vitals test is INR 2995. 

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