Is there a Blood Test for Autism during Pregnancy?

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Yes there is a comprehensive blood test available for a range of chromosomal conditions that can be performed for mothers. A blood test for autism during pregnancy can also be performed to determine potential genetic conditions.

You can opt for a complete genetic or chromosomal testing during pregnancy via a blood test. With the help of the screening tests, you can determine through prenatal genetic testing the risk of a range of conditions.

If you have a family history of ASD then the risk of autism in the child rises significantly. On the event that it is found that your child has a chromosomal or genetic condition, then you can start preparing for their needs early.

What are the signs of autism spectrum disorder?

A child with autism spectrum disorder will show a range of different signs and symptoms. There are several movement and language related signs that are linked to autism, and children with ASD may require special assistance for improved learning.

Avoiding eye contact

If your child avoids eye contact with you or others, and isn't able to communicate why then they may be on the spectrum.

Unable to respond to phrases

Some children with autism are unable to respond to instructions or phrases, and may experience a significant delay in speaking.

Difficulty in showing facial expressions

Showing facial expressions, such as sadness, anger, and happiness, may be delayed in children with ASD. They may not be able to show these emotions due to an inherent condition.

Unable to use gestures to communicate

Your child may be unable to point or wave to you to showcase a gesture. You can get them tested for autism to understand whether they may be on the spectrum.

Difficulty showing empathy

Your child may also find it difficult to show empathy to people, animals, and other instances. They may also not be able to understand the concept of empathy at an early age as well.

Repetitive behaviours

Your child may prefer to have their toys lined up in a certain manner, or have specific repetitive behaviours that they prefer. Disruption to their repetitive behaviour may cause an outburst.

Displaying anger at change

Your child may display anger if there is a change in their pattern, or a change in their environment. This may become more evident over time as they age, and are able to communicate this.

Delayed movement skills

Children with autism may find it more difficult to engage in regular movement skills, and may have delayed skills development in these areas.

Delayed language skills

Your child may find it harder to learn how to speak, and may only use certain gestures and words that are brief.

Delayed cognitive skills

The cognitive and problem solving abilities of your child may also be delayed, owing to the spectrum disorder. You can get them tested with the help of a psychologist to understand whether they have ASD.

What are the risk factors for autism in children?

There may be a genetic component to autism, in the event that your child may be at risk for Fragile X syndrome. If there are complications at birth, then your child may have autism spectrum disorder. Also, if there is a family history of autism, then the chances of your child having ASD are higher as well.

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