• MyDiagnostics 45-Days Improve Skin and Hair

45-Days Improve Skin and Hair

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What is Improve Skin & Hair Program ?

There can be many different causes of hair loss including nutritional deficiencyhormone imbalanceDHTgenetics which can lead to male/female pattern baldness and autoimmune conditions such as alopecia areata.

  • Your body's Nutritional status, metabolism and hormone balance is hugely important to the health of your hair & skin, and the effects of your daily nutrition on its growth and appearance should not be underestimated

  • Micronutrients play an important role in proper growth and immunity of the skin, haemoglobin synthesis and protection of body against oxidative damage. Optimal levels improve skin vibrancy.

Common Hair Conditions -

  • Hair Loss (Male pattern, Female Pattern)
  • Dull Hair 
  • Hair Thinning

Common Skin Conditions -

  • Akne
  • Blemishes
  • Dark Circles & Puffiness 
  • Wrinkles 

This 45 days Improve Skin & Hair Program takes a structured approach to improve Hair & Health health through science-backed approach delivered by our experienced team of clinical nutritionist & medical doctors. 

This Integrated care approach uses supervised nutritional & clinical intervention at the comfort of your home with high-touch engagement to keep one focused. 

Why one should enrol ?

  • Get to the root-cause of your hair loss & poor skin conditions
  • Nutritional & hormonal imbalance, Autoimmune conditions, Poor gut health, Toxic load leads to hair-loss & accelerates skin ageing
  • Integrated care approach - Nutritional + Clinical interventions - Safe, natural & long-lasting  

Expected Outcomes 

  • Reduction in associated symptoms such as hair-loss, dull-hair, skin wrinkles, allergies, rashes, pimples, blemishes, dark circles   
  • Improvement in metabolic health  

How it works ?

The program is designed to be conducted at Home through online channel. So you can be anywhere and still execute.

Phase 1:

  • Take Self Assessment 
  • Book following test (Optional but recommended - Home based) 
  • Consultation with Registered Clinical Nutritionist & Review with medical doctor
  • Receive Your "Care Plan"
  • Engagement through regular communication 

    What's included ?

    • Consultation with Registered Clinical Nutritionist 
    • Review with the medical doctor & supervision
    • Individualised Care Plan & Engagement for 45 days


    • Tests are not included in the package. Pls, discuss with your practitioner for any test that are required.