Here's what an H pylori test positive means for patients

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The Helicobacter pylori or H pylori infection is a serious type of bacteria that can cause gastritis, peptic ulcers, inflammation of your small intestine, and other stomach issues. A positive test result can mean many things, especially if you have chronic stomach problems over the course of months.

The H pylori test positive means the presence of the bacteria within your digestive system. You'll need to start medication after visiting a gastroenterologist, and opt for further testing to check for damage in the system. You may also have to undergo certain dietary and lifestyle changes as well.

You can get a urea breath test or a Helicobacter pylori H stool test if you have the relevant symptoms in your stomach. The bacteria can cause serious damage to the GI, which is why this test is designed to detect the H pylori bacteria in time. The test of a stool sample can detect the presence of the bacteria within 48 hours.

Why get tested for H pylori?

It is important to get tested for H pylori to rule out other reasons for stomach problems. The risk of developing chronic illnesses, stomach cancer, and other diseases of the digestive system rises when H pylori grows within your system.

You should also check if your stomach problems are going to worsen over time, regardless of dietary or lifestyle changes. This is so that you can identify whether your bloating, nausea, stomach pains, and vomits, are caused by your lifestyle or a stomach infection.

This is what the H pylori positive test means

The H pylori test is largely used for three critical reasons, which is why a positive test result is important to track for. Doctors may also recommend multiple tests to be performed if they need to capture more details about your condition.

Determining the presence of H Pylori

The GI is a complex system, which is why any type of infection present can spread to other parts of the digestive tract. The major reason why doctors check for H Pylori is to determine a positive reading for the bacteria.

Monitoring treatment effectiveness

Through the H pylori test, the treatment for the infection can be checked regularly. Since the turnaround time is quicker for the test, multiple tests can be performed over the course of a month to verify medication effectiveness.

Establishing a root cause for symptoms

Lastly, a vital reason why doctors check for H Pylori, is to establish a connection between the bacteria and your stomach issues. If you have been experiencing chronic stomach problems, then through the test the core reason can be determined.

Key symptoms of H Pylori you should track

It is critical to track these symptoms as you should know whether you have a stomach infection or not. You can start antibiotics for the treatment of H Pylori after getting your test results.

These symptoms may also vary in intensity and frequency, which is why getting regularly tested is important. You should also get a check-up done annually if you have a family history of stomach issues.

Constant burning sensation

If you are experiencing a burning sensation in your stomach several times a day, such that it is impacting your wellbeing and quality of life, then getting a test is key. You may have a stomach infection that needs to be treated.

Constant bloating

If you find that you are always bloated, with stomach sensitivity, then getting a test done for H pylori should help significantly.


A feeling of chronic indigestion can be a sign of H Pylori, and should be tested for immediately. If you have been taking medication for your indigestion and the symptoms are worsening over time, then you should get tested.

Sudden weight loss

If you or your family member has suddenly lost a significant amount of weight, then there could be a risk of H pylori. This can occur in older people who may suddenly look weaker and malnourished.

Experiencing nausea

If you have been experiencing the feeling of nausea for several weeks, without any significant changes in lifestyle or stress, then you should get checked for H Pylori. The stomach infection may be the cause behind your stomach issues.

Constant stomach cramps

Cramping in the stomach is one of the major symptoms of H pylori. If you have stomach cramps that last for several hours, then you could have a stomach infection in your system.

Blood in vomit

Blood in the vomit of the individual should be taken seriously, and not be ignored for any reason. You should get a test done for H pylori if you have blood in your vomit on several different occasions.

Loss of appetite

If you have experienced a loss of appetite that has lasted for a few days, then there may be a cause for concern. You should get tested immediately to understand the root cause of your stomach problem.

Blood in stool

Finding blood in the stool is a critical issue, which is why you should get tested for H pylori immediately. You shouldn't ignore the symptom of blood in your stool, especially if you are also experiencing the other critical symptoms.

How to order an H Pylori test in India

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