Try these 10 best home remedies for constipation

There are several strategies to relieve constipation that you can try to help you get a normal bowel movement. One of the most effective home remedies to relieve constipation is a glass of lemon water. In the event that you are unable to treat constipation with home remedies, you should get a medical test done.

The best home remedies for constipation can be simple but effective to help relieve constipation. You can also target the core symptoms of constipation if you are experiencing abdominal pain and are unable to go to the bathroom normally.

Why use home remedies for constipation?

Home remedies can be incredibly effective for short term constipation. They are passed down from generation to generation, and contain the right prebiotics, minerals, and essential compounds to help relieve constipation.

You should also improve your intake of these remedy foods generally in your diet. This can help prevent constipation from arising, giving you the right nutrients you need for normal bowel movements.


try yogurt for the best home remedies for constipation


Focus on these 10 home remedies for constipation

You can incorporate these 10 home remedies that are effective for both short term and long-term relief.

Lemon water

You can start with consuming lemon water, which can help in rehydration and improving your bowel movement. The citrus and vitamin C content can help in boosting the output of the digestive system. 

Add more prunes

Prunes are widely known as important home remedies to relieve constipation. You can add prunes in your breakfast, or ingest them as a part of a trail mix. Their sugar alcohol has a potential laxative effect that can help in improving your bowel movement.

Enhancing fibre intake

You can consume apples and other fruits that are higher in fibre. This should help in improving your bowel movements over time, giving you a more consistent excretory experience. You can also include fibre supplements that can aid in your bowel movements as well.




Flaxseeds are rich in Omega 3s and can aid in improving your digestive health. You can also consume it in its oil form or in supplements if you are unable to get flax seeds in the market. You should include them in your diet regardless long-term.


Guava has some laxative properties that can help in improving your digestive output. You can consume fresh Amrood to help in relieving your symptoms. You can also have them raw and include them regularly in your diet.

Senna tea

You can add Senna tea as a way of relieving constipation. It can have a laxative effect on your bowels, which can provide relief in the short term frame. The natural sennosides present can help in improving your digestive function.

Fennel seeds

You can consume fennel seeds at night to help relieve constipation. You can also focus on increasing your intake of fennel seeds to help in improving your digestive system output.

Include more probiotics

You should focus on increasing your intake of probiotic foods that can aid in digestion. These foods can include yogurt, fermented foods, etc. which can help in improving your digestive health as well. You can also take supplements to help you get your daily recommended dose.

Light exercise

You can focus on yoga, walking, and other light exercises that can kickstart your metabolism. It can also help in improving circulation to your digestive system, which can improve your digestive output as well.

Lowering stress

You can focus on reducing your stress levels by taking time out for meditation, yoga, and other activities. This can help your digestive system focus on its function without undue stress or pressure. 

Unexpected causes of constipation

You should also know the unknown and unexpected causes of constipation that can also be behind your health issues.

Digestive health problems

You can have digestive health problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome, which can cause constipation in individuals.

Undiagnosed health conditions

Thyroid, depression, MS, and a range of health conditions can lead to problems with bowel movement. You should consider getting a complete health check-up done.

Excess stress

Sometimes highly stressful situations can cause short term constipation, which can be treated by removing yourself from these scenarios.


Some types of medicines may cause constipation as a side effect, which can lead to chronic digestive issues. You should consult with your doctor if your supplements or medication are impacting your bowels.