What is a urine culture test? What are the symptoms of a UTI?

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A urine culture test is the complete analysis of the urine sample for the detection of bacteria which can cause a UTI. If you are prone to getting a urinary tract infection UTI, then a urine sample analysis is vital.

You'll need to provide a sample for a urine culture test, which can be tested in the laboratory setting. The presence of microorganisms can be studied as a part of a urine culture analysis, in which the test is done by adding growth-promoting compounds.

A urine culture is a critical test if you are prone to getting UTIs. The urine culture test will be able to determine if you have the urinary tract infection and what steps you should be taking next. This test is vital for anyone that is also managing an infection and wants to know medication success.

Why get a urine culture test?

A UTI can escalate over time if left untreated, which is why it is important to get a urine culture test performed quickly. You can get insights on the presence of bacteria that can cause infections in your system.

You should also get regular urine culture tests done if you are managing a chronic condition and are immuno-compromised. The regular testing of urine culture will help in identifying the key reasons behind your symptoms as well.

Who should get regular urine culture tests done?

If you already have a UTI then getting a urine culture test is key. Individuals with kidney disease and other chronic conditions should get regular urine culture testing done. If you have an autoimmune condition and are prone to getting UTIs, then getting regularly tested for your urine culture is important.

Do you have these symptoms of a UTI?

You should track your symptoms of a UTI closely, and measure their impact on your quality of life.

Burning sensation when peeing

You may experience a burning sensation when urinating, which would have to be tested for further information.

Pain and discomfort

You may find that you are experiencing discomfort if you have a urinary infection. You should get a urine culture test done if this is the case.

Frequent urination

If you need to pee frequently then you should get a urine culture or UTI test done.

Blood in urine

If you find blood in your urine, then you should immediately get a test for a urine culture done.

Cramping in abdomen

There may be pain present in the abdomen, which would require medication or other solutions.


You may experience fevers if you have a UTI or other infections in your system. You should start treatment immediately.


You may experience chronic fatigue and weakness if your immune system is overloaded.

Quick tips on when you have a UTI

You can follow these quick tips when you have a UTI.

Cranberry juice

Cranberry juice is one of the best home remedies for a UTI, which can help in alleviating your symptoms as well.


You can consult with your healthcare provider for antibiotics and other medications for symptoms.

Practice hygiene

You can practice standard hygiene protocols such as washing, showering, and avoiding public washrooms.

How do I book a urine culture test in India?

You can book a urine culture test in India through MyDiagnostics.

What is the cost of a urine culture test in India?

The cost of the urine culture test in India is INR 1200.

When will I get the results of the urine culture test?

You will get the report of your urine culture test within 12-48 hours.

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