When should I get a urine culture and sensitivity test?

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There are several cases in which you should get a complete urine culture and sensitivity test done. These can include if you have a prior history of urine infections, kidney issues, chronic illnesses, or have a compromised immune system.

If you are also prone to getting urinary tract infections, then a urine culture is highly recommended. The test for a urine culture can also be ordered online, with at-home sample collection making it easier for people of all ages.

Here a few instances when you should get a urine culture test

You should get a urine culture and sensitivity test done in these critical instances. These can help you understand whether there is an infection or anomalies present in the urine.

Through the analysis of the urine culture, doctors can prescribe the right medication and provide preventative care.

Chronic illness

If you have diabetes or other lifelong conditions, then you need a regular urine culture test done. This can help in preventing the escalation of the chronic illness leading to a compromised immune system.

Constant UTIs

If you regularly get a urinary tract infection, then a urine sample analysis is key. A urinary tract infection UTI can damage other organs in the body, if left untreated.

Kidney disease

Individuals with kidney disease and other urinary tract illnesses should get regular urine culture tests done. This can help prevent infections from emerging and spreading to other parts of the body.

Autoimmune condition

If you have an autoimmune condition, then getting regular UTI and urine culture tests will be important. If you are experiencing the symptoms of UTIs then you should get tested for urine culture.

Key symptoms of infection

If you are experiencing the classic symptoms of a urine infection, then you may need to get a urine culture test done as well. This should provide more information on the core reason behind the infections. 

What are the symptoms of an infection?

There are several symptoms that you can experience when you have a UTI or other urinary tract issues. You can track your symptoms over time to measure whether you need to get a complete test done as well. When you experience these issues, you should opt for a complete urine culture and sensitivity analysis.

Burning sensation when peeing

You can experience a burning sensation when peeing, which could be a critical sign that there is something wrong in the urinary tract. You can get a urine culture test performed to determine the root causes.

Urine anomalies

If there is an anomaly in the smell, appearance, or turbidity of urine then you should get a urine analysis test done.

Blood in urine

If there is a presence of blood in your urine, then this could be a critical sign that you need to test for potential infections. A UTI and urine analysis test could be vital.

Pain while peeing

If you experience pain while urinating, then you could have an issue with a urine infection. A urine culture test can be performed to gain more insight.

Abdominal pain

Pain in the abdominal area could be indicative of an infection. If you are also prone to getting multiple UTIs, then this is a clear sign that you shouldn't ignore.

How do I buy a urine culture test near me in India?

You can get the urine culture test in India through MyDiagnostics. You can add the test to the cart, and enter your home address to schedule a home sample collection.

When will I get the results of the urine culture test?

You can receive your urine culture in most cases within a few days. The doctors can provide care and treatment protocols after reading the report.

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