When Do I Need a Prolactin Test? What's The Prolactin Test Price?

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When you are experiencing the symptoms of a prolactin imbalance, then your doctor may recommend a complete prolactin blood test. Prolactin is a key hormone produced by the pituitary gland that is responsible for producing milk during lactation after birth.

Abnormally high and low levels of prolactin can be critical, leading to several symptoms that are harmful long-term. Your doctors may want to check your prolactin levels when you are displaying the symptoms of prolactinoma as well.

You can also get the right prolactin test cost in India when you buy it online. The test measures levels of FSH, LH, and prolactin for a complete hormonal profile for men and women. You can check your level of prolactin via the medical report showcasing all results.

Why prolactin is a vital hormone

Prolactin is a critical hormone that enables mothers to produce milk after childbirth. Aberrations in the levels of prolactin or the abnormally high levels of prolactin in non-pregnant women can indicate a serious condition.

That is why doctors want to measure the levels of prolactin to test for tumour, thyroid issues, liver disease, etc. You can check for a range of symptoms and gauge the root cause with the analysis of prolactin in the blood.

You need a prolactin test in the following cases

You need a prolactin test in highly specific instances. Your levels of prolactin in the blood can provide critical insight into your symptoms as the prolactin level control a number of functions.

When your doctor wants to check for prolactinoma

Your doctor may want to check for the risk of tumour in the pituitary gland, through the prolactin test. Abnormal levels can indicate an issue within the gland, which will require treatment.

Issues with infertility

Since prolactin is a hormone that is produced in the pituitary gland, any damage to the gland can lead to severe complications. Long-term low levels of the hormone can lead to infertility in women.

Problems with irregular periods

If you are experiencing irregular periods then you should get your prolactin levels tested. This can provide more insights into why you may be having irregular periods, as your hormones may be impacted with abnormal prolactin levels.

Discharge from nipples

Both men and women can get discharge from their nipples if their pituitary glands are impacted. The resulting high levels of prolactin can create a discharge in the nipples.

Low libido

Lower levels of libido and drive may also be connected with prolactin levels. You should get a test done to know your FSH, LH, and prolactin levels.

Erectile dysfunction

The low level of prolactin in men can lead to erectile dysfunction, which can be diagnosed with a complete hormonal profile.

Issues with lactation

If you are unable to lactate after child birth, your levels of prolactin are measured in a test. These can provide more insight into your blood prolactin levels and whether medication is required to induce lactation.

What are the normal levels of prolactin?

The normal ranges of prolactin in the blood are as follows -

For men

For men, the levels can be 20 ng/mL (425 µg/L) or lesser.

For pregnant women

For pregnant women, the levels can be 80 to 400 ng/mL (80 to 400 µg/L).

For non-pregnant women

For nonpregnant women the levels are less than 25 ng/mL (25 µg/L)

What is the prolactin test price in India?

You can get the best prolactin test cost in India at INR 5999 for FSH, LH, Prolactin, and other essential health tests packaged into one. It is important to get the complete analysis of your health markers, so that your prolactin levels can be contextualized.

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