What are the first symptoms of H Pylori? How do I get tested?

Some of the first few symptoms of the H Pylori infection are bloating, stomach ache, headaches, blood in stool, nausea, and bowel movement issues. You should get your GI tested when you start to experience these critical symptoms.

When understanding what are the first symptoms of h pylori infection, it is important to get a complete test done. This can help you prevent the spread of the helicobacter pylori bacteria, while also minimizing damage to other parts of the digestive tract.

What is H Pylori?

H Pylori is a type of bacteria that can cause an infection in the stomach or duodenum. When left untreated it can lead to major health issues including peptic ulcer disease, gastritis, or stomach cancer.

It secretes an enzyme called urease which affects the stomach lining, causing major digestive health issues. You should get a complete H Pylori test done to check your risk factor of developing the infection.

Understanding the symptoms of H Pylori 

Sensation of nausea

If you have a constant sensation of nausea over time, then you should get a test done. This may be a critical sign of a digestive health issue, which can get worse over time.


You may also get headaches that may not be related to stress, dietary changes, or migraines. These could be as a result of gas developing in the body due to the H Pylori infection.


Stomach pain

There may be pain in your stomach which rises and falls throughout the day. You should get a check-up done to verify why you are experiencing the pain.


A stomach ache is one of the first signs when you are checking for what are the first symptoms of h pylori



There may be inflammation of the stomach present, which can be causing severe pain in the abdominal area.

Sudden weight loss

If you have lost a significant amount of muscle or weight in a short period, then you should check for potential stomach infections.

Constant bloating

A feeling of constant bloating with irritability to touch, can be a sign of a stomach infection.

Blood in stool

There may be blood in your stool, which would be a critical sign that you need a health checkup done immediately.

Risk factors associated with H Pylori 

Crowded areas

With a significant part of the world's population living in crowded areas, the risk of developing the virus rises.

Living with someone who has the virus

Your risk factor rises significantly when you are living with someone who has the virus already.

Lack of access to clean water

You may be exposed to the bacteria due to the presence of unclean water. This can occur in developed houses and offices as well, which is why it is important to get tested.

Poor lifestyle

If you are a smoker and you don't get restful sleep for recovery, then your risk factor for developing digestive health issues rises.

Reviewing treatment strategies for H Pylori

If you have H Pylori infection, then your stomach may be at risk of further deterioration. Long-term exposure to the bacteria can lead to a peptic ulcer, stomach cancer, and other complications.

In the event that you have the H Pylori infection, it is important to start treatment. You should start antibiotics to help treat the infection, after consultation with your doctor. Your specialist may also recommend getting proton pump inhibitor treatment as well.

It is also important to lower your risk factors and take the right precautions for prevention of the condition.

How do I get tested for H Pylori?

You can get the stool antigen test done for the H Pylori infection, by getting a complete H Pylori test in India.

Can H Pylori spread from one person to another?

Yes, the risk of spreading of the virus is high as it is present within the saliva and teeth of the individual. You should get a complete H Pylori test done to ensure that you don't have the virus.

Where can I buy an H Pylori test in India?

You can buy an H Pylori test in India through MyDiagnostics. You can place an order on our platform and receive at home testing with maximum convenience.

What is the cost of the H Pylori test in India?

The cost of the H Pylori test is INR 2500 in India. You can buy H Pylori test at the right price when you procure it from MyDiagnostics.

When will I get my report of the H Pylori test?

The report is made available within 48-72 hours.