A parent's take on nutritional deficiency

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            Our four-year son had just begun going to school and like any other parent, we were very excited about it. A few days into school we started observing that he started falling ill frequently. He was always plagued with a cold or flu. He also started missing his school as he was falling sick frequently. Our son's health had become a matter of concern for us. Everyone suggested different knicks and knacks which could improve his health and we tried everything possible. Even doctors couldn't find any possible reason for his degrading health. That's when we met the parents of one of our son's classmates. They told us that their daughter also went through a similar phase. Their doctor conducted some tests only to find out that she had some nutritional deficiencies. Her condition improved after they made some changes in her diet under the consultation of a child nutritionist.

         While looking out for a good reliable testing service we came across MyDiagnostics and their added benefit was that they also provided us with a free first consultation facility. We contacted the team at MyDiagnostics and they suggested that we take up their package which tests for Vitamin, Iron and Mineral Balance. We booked the test and they came home to collect the samples. The collection was done on time and we received the results in just a day. My son was indeed deficient in some nutrients. We were put on a consultation with a child nutritionist by the MyDiagnostics team who helped us chart out a diet plan for our son.

       We noticed a change in his health after we started following the diet plan provided by the nutritionist. My son now has higher immunity and can also play around other kids who are not well themselves without falling ill. 

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Did you know that the most common nutritional deficiencies among kids during normal growth are Iron and vitamin D 

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