Add these Vitamin D Fruits & Vegetables for improving Longevity

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Adding a range of vitamin D rich foods can help in improving bone health, muscle development, and vitality. You can focus on high quality sources such as cod liver oil, soy milk, fortified orange juice, and eggs to get your daily IU of vitamin D.

While the health benefits of fruits and vegetables are widely known, you should include the ones that help improve your vitamin D intake. Vitamin D fruits and vegetables are important to include in your diet so that you can get your daily requirements naturally.

Start with these vitamin D enriched fruits and vegetables

You can add these fruits and vegetables to enrich your vitamin D intake.


Oranges contain around 100 IUs of vitamin D and are a great source of the vitamin if you are a vegetarian. You can consume them directly or in the juice form, and they are also a great source of vitamin C for immune health.

While bananas aren't directly rich in Vitamin D, they contain magnesium which help in the absorption of vitamin D in the body. They do contain around 80 IUs of D in them, which can make them a moderate source of the vitamin.


100 grams of mushrooms can provide around 2300 IUs of vitamin D, making them one of the best sources of the vitamin across all fruits and vegetables. You can consume them cooked to bring out their nutrients, and add them to any type of meal.



Cooked spinach can provide around 20% of the daily vitamin D requirements, while also being rich in calcium. You can add a healthy amount of spinach in your diet to ensure that you're getting enough vitamin D through natural means.


Soy or tofu can provide around 100 IUs for 100 grams, making them a moderate source of the vitamin. You can also include soy as a viable alternative if you have intolerances to other foods that are rich in vitamin D.

What other foods should I focus on?

There are several other vitamin D foods, apart from vitamin D rich vegetables and vitamin D rich fruits, that you can focus on.


Eggs are a great source of Vitamin D and B12, and can be consumed in a variety of ways. You can include eggs in your diet to improve your Vitamin D levels.

Fatty fish

Fatty fish, such as Salmon, can contain upwards of 500 IUs per 100 gm, making them an excellent vitamin D source.


Milk contains around 100 IUs in a glass, and is a great source of calcium as well. You can focus on getting your daily intake of D3 through milk.


Cheese is rich in calcium, D3, and a range of other nutrients. You can add cheese to your diet in a variety of ways.

You should also focus on sunshine vitamin D as a source as well.

What's the daily vitamin D intake for adults?

You should focus on getting at least 600 IUs to ensure that you're getting an adequate amount of vitamin D.

Do you have these signs of a Vitamin D deficiency?

If you have the following signs and symptoms, then you should get a blood test done.

Feeling tired
Pain in the muscles
Joint pain
Difficulty in wound healing
Skin issues
Back pain

What are the risk factors associated with low D3?

There are several risk factors associated with long-term low D3 levels.

1. Loss of bone density

You can get significant loss of bone density over time with low D3.

2. Immune health problems

Your immune system can be over burdened with long-term low D3 levels.

3. Muscle weakness issues

Muscle weakness is a critical risk factor for low D3 levels which can worsen with age.

4. Chronic fatigue

You may have chronic fatigue that can last for extended periods.

Should I also supplement for Vitamin D?

Yes, vitamin d supplements are designed to supplement a healthy diet and provide adequate absorbable vitamin D content per capsule. They can enhance low vitamin D levels for people.

How do I get tested for Vitamin D levels at home?

You can order the vitamin test from MyDiagnostics for at home testing.

What is the cost of the Vitamin analysis test in India?

The complete vitamin analysis for 14 vitamins tested is INR 2950.

When will I get the results of the vitamin D test?

You will get your report within 24-48 hours.

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