Here's how to identify vitamin deficiency small white spots on skin

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The presence of white spots on the skin can be a sign of a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Your skin can start to show signs of a core deficiency which can cause white patches on the skin. It's important to understand which vitamin deficiency is responsible for the production of white spots through a blood test.

You can identify the vitamin deficiency small white spots on skin by their appearance and place of occurrence. There could be several factors behind depigmentation, which a dermatologist can provide assistance with. A deficiency in vitamin B12, D, or C can show white patches and other issues on your skin.

Identifying the signs of vitamin deficiency and white spots

It's important to recognize the signs of deficiencies that can cause white spots on the face and other parts of your body. You need to get the right treatment initiated to ensure that the scale of the patches doesn't increase over time.

Loss of colour in other parts of the body

You may also notice discolouration in other parts of the body, which would require intervention as well.

Changes in colour of skin over time

The natural colour of your skin may also change over time, which can lead to issues with skin quality management.

Deterioration of skin quality

The quality of your skin may also deteriorate over time. The elasticity, healing, and natural feel of the skin may be compromised significantly.

Changes in skin texture

You may also experience changes in your skin texture, which can emerge as a result of an underlying deficiency or skin condition.

You should consult with a dermatologist when your symptoms are escalating and spreading to other parts of the body. You can get your treatment started immediately and get tested to understand your core vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Understanding the root cause of white spots on the skin 


The inflammatory skin condition can cause white patches in some individuals, requiring medication and treatment. There may be lighter pigmentation in the affected areas.


In the case of psoriasis, your white blood cells can cause inflammation which can impact the skin quality and coloration. You can consult with a dermatologist who can provide the right strategies.


Redness, flakiness, and itchiness for a longer period can lead to a condition called dermatitis. This requires immediate treatment and symptom relief solutions as well.

Core deficiency

You can have a folate or C deficiency, which can lead to smaller white patches appearing on the skin. You can address this with supplementation and dietary changes.

Here's how you can enhance your skin quality

You can improve your skin quality through the following strategies.

Improve vitamin C

You can reduce the impact of wrinkles and pigmentation by improving your intake of vitamin C.

Enhance Folate intake

By increasing your intake of dark leafy greens, beans, and other foods you can improve your skin quality through more folate.

Focus on your B12

You can consume foods that are rich in B12 that will help prevent hyperpigmentation and skin quality deterioration.

Vitamin D is critical

You can improve your skin quality by enhancing your vitamin D intake. This can help in improving skin quality and maintaining cellular proliferation.

How can I book a vitamin and mineral test?

You can book a vitamin and mineral test at home via MyDiagnostics. You can get the results generated within 10-12 hours, to understand your core deficiencies.

What is the cost of the vitamin and mineral test in India?

You can get the at-home vitamin and mineral test in India at INR 3200. You can benefit from convenient sample collection and quick report generation.

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