These are the Top Vegetables and Fruits Rich in Vitamin B12

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A range of fruits and vegetables can be added for B12 improvement if you are a vegetarian or vegan. You can also focus on eggs, meat, and dairy, if you are able to consume them as well. When you start experiencing the important B12 deficiency symptoms, then you can also consider supplementation after a complete blood test.

These fruits and vegetables can be prepared in several ways, such as salads and cuisines, but they can also be converted into jams and desserts. You can find inventive ways to consume them, as they also contain other micronutrients that are vital for your body.

Add these vegetables and fruits to boost your B12 intake

You can add these fruits and vegetables to increase your B12 levels over time.


Mushrooms are high in vitamin b12 and are one of the main sources of vitamin b12 in the fruits and vegetables group.


Beetroot are a major source of vitamin B12 and are important for vitamin b12 deficiency. They also improve red blood cells production and are an excellent source of iron.


Apples are one of the top vitamin b12 fruits that should be added when you have a vitamin b12 deficiency. Apples can also be considered one of the most important vitamin b12 rich fruits, and can be consumed in different forms.


Spinach can improve your vitamin K and B12 levels when prepared to cook and in salads. Your green leafy intake can significantly improve your longevity and sense of wellbeing. Spinach, kale, and other leafy green should be added for B12.


Oranges can help improve your vitamin C and B12 levels through natural means. You can consume oranges directly and try them in juice forms for better consumption.


Apart from being significant sources of potassium, bananas can help in improving B12 as well. You can consume them directly or prepare them in salads, Mediterranean cuisines, baked chips, etc.

You should also look at adding eggs, dairy, and meat in a balance amount to boost your vitamin B12 levels as well. This can improve your overall levels and your sense of vitality. You can also prepare these food items in different ways to maximize your nutritional objectives.

Do you have these signs of a B12 deficiency?

It is important to track the amount of vitamin b12 present in the body through a blood analysis test. A good source of B12, such as an apple, banana, blueberry, or eggs, should be added to improve B12 levels over time. However, for short term improvements in your levels you should start with medication.

Rapid breathing or breathlessness

B12 has a vital role in protecting your nervous system and heart, which is why a deficiency can results in breathlessness and rapid breathing.

Heart palpitations

Heart palpitations may be a result of poor B12 levels, with B12 being a vital component of the red blood cells production process.


Overall sluggishness and weakness can be related to B12, C, and D deficiencies. You can improve fruits and vegetables intake to help with your levels.

Yellowish skin

Low RBC production can produce a yellowish skin appearance in some people. You can boost your B12 with the right nutrients and supplementation.

Balance related issues

You may experience issues with balancing when standing or jogging. You may also find this problem when you are trying to sit in one place at rest as well.

What's the best approach to improve B12 levels?

These are the best steps that you can follow to improve your B12 levels. You should ensure that you're able to get high quality foods and supplements, and rely on natural sources when possible for improving your deficiencies.

Start with a complete blood test

A complete blood test will be able to check if you have other deficiencies as well which need to be targeted along with B12.

Begin supplementation

You can start with B12 supplements as well as calcium and magnesium. This can boost your overall bone health as well as B12 intake.

Add B12 foods

You can add the right foods to improve your B12 levels. You can get a complete blood test to check if your body is able to absorb all the B12 intake.

Include B12 shots

An important way to increase vitamin B12 is to include it via an injectable form. This is vital if your levels of vitamin B12 are extremely low.

Tests to consider

Supplements to consider