Time to beat Quarantine Fatigue

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Yes, at the start of the year 2020 we welcomed COVID-19 and home quarantine into our lives, forcing everyone to stay home for weeks. To stop the spread or flatten the curve, social distancing was and is made mandatory. It began when every one of us on social media was actively promoting #stayhome #staysafe. It took us a few days to upskill ourselves into artist, writer, fitness freak, dalgona coffee expert, even a 3 ingredient Masterchef! But the once trending can now seem like 2000 years ago. 

Fast forward a few weeks in our new routine when all the pros of social distancing, stay at home turned into cons of isolation and exhaustion.

If you're feeling this you most likely are experiencing quarantine fatigue.

feeling drained or exhausted 
less motivated or less productive 

Health experts in India believe that there will be a spike in the number of cases for anxiety and depression amongst the population.

But why is quarantine fatigue stepping in our lives?

Prolonged isolation, physical distancing, or forced to stay home longer than expected. The physical and emotional burden of these restrictions can be overwhelming for some. Since now when we are reprogramming ourselves to fill the gaps of physical interaction with voice and video calls with the added pressure about the uncertain economy can stress us out.

Continued stress can increase the levels of cortisol which is linked with gastrointestinal, inflammation, and cardiovascular issues. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) feeling can impact our mood, leaving us feeling less motivated throughout the day. 

This can run down our immune system in the long run.

How to cope with quarantine fatigue?

The coping has to Start Now! 

We have to redefine our everyday choices to make healthy choices instead. These activities can make it easy for us to get rid of all the fatigue.

1. Time for Vitamin

It just so happen that fatigue can be due to a serious deficiency of vitamin B12. Low levels of B12 affect serotonin and dopamine responsible to keep a check on your mood.

Meat, fish, eggs can provide enough B12. Vegetarians can consume milk, cheese, yogurt & fortified fruit juices.

2. Connect meaningfully 

Utilize this time to connect digitally with people who are experts in your fields, reach out to them for tips, advice. This will let you have meaningful interactions.

3. We are meant to move - indoors!

Take breaks from sitting continuously and indulge in physical activities like yoga, online Zumba classes, enjoy the sunshine.

4. Iron levels 

Beat fatigue with optimal levels of iron in your body. It gives you energy, produces Haemoglobin, maintains the immune system, and is responsible for good skin & hair...phew!  

Consume dark leafy green vegetables as they are the best source of iron.

5. Be there for others

This is a tough time for you but even tougher times for others, the less fortunate. They are struggling to keep up with the new working models due to financial burden, lack of amenities during the pandemic. We can collectively reach out to them, donate or spread awareness amongst the less aware.  Remember even a small help can create a big impact.

6. Try to find a new routine and blend

There is no point in wasting time counting lockdown editions instead pick activities that helps you be a better you, have them in your schedule, and stick to it like glue!

In this uncertainty of whether the world will ever return to its old self, you're not alone. It's time to shift your focus from the outside pandemic to a little bit on the inside:)

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