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  • Abbott Libre Pro Diabetes Sensor - MyDiagnostics
  • Abbott Libre Pro Diabetes Sensor - MyDiagnostics

Abbott Libre Pro Diabetes Sensor

Rs. 3,500.00

Rs. 2,500.00

Test Parameter Details

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The Freestyle Libre Pro (FDA Approved) allows your healthcare provider to place a small sensor at the back of your upper arm that records up to 14 days of continuous glucose data. The provider then downloads the data revealing personalised glycemic profile, trends and patterns that can be used to monitor or manage your diabetes. 

What's included 

  • 1 Libre Pro Free Style Abbott Sensor 
  • Sensor Application, readings and removal 
  • Turn Around Time: 24 hours from sensor removal time

    Sample Report (Partial)

    Abbott Libre Pro Diabetes Sensor

    Why should you do this test  

    • Provides 14 days of continuous glucose readings. The sensor takes a reading every 15 minutes, so in a day it takes 96 readings (even while you are sleeping). Total 1344 readings provide a high-resolution glucose profile & trends  
    • This is the only device which records your glucose levels while you are asleep thus measuring the key data during hypoglycemic episodes 
    • No multiple prickings... Just install once and keep up with your daily activity while the sensor does its job

    Complete details of the sensor are available at 

    What are the pre-requisites of this test 

    • There are no-prerequisite for the test 

    How to book & install the sensor 

    1. Once you book the sensor, you can come to our clinic to install the sensor. The installation will be done by the qualified practitioner
    2. You can come in-between to check the readings and on 15th day, come to the clinic to remove the sensor 
    3. Once the sensor is removed, the report will be emailed. 

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